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Bali handmade jewellery direct from the manufacturer and exporter. We have a wide range of fashion accessories made of various materials, mostly organic materials. Our necklaces, bracelets and other fashion accessories made of mother of pearl shells, sea shells, wood, real leather, stone and resin. We are able to make fashion jewelry according to your design and add logo or brand to your order.

JiBrp1-6 Beaded Bracelets Bali Jewellery

Beaded Bracelet Code: JiBrp1-6
Beaded Bracelets from Bali Indonesia. Beaded bracelets fashion accessories. The plastic beads available in various colors. Almost any colors, possible. Please specify the color when ordering our bracelets and other kind of fashion jewellery.

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  1. Ji BrP1-1 Beads Shell Bracelet
  2. Ji BrP1-2 Beads Bracelet
  3. Ji BrP1-3 Beads Bracelet
  4. Ji BrP1-4 Beads Bracelet
  5. Ji BrP1-5 Beads Shell Bracelet
  6. Ji BrP1-6 Beads Shell Bracelet
  7. Ji BrP1-7 Beads Shell Bracelet
  8. Ji BrP1-8 Beads Shell Bracelet
  9. Ji BrP1-9 Beads Bracelet
  10. Ji BrP1-10 Shells Bracelet
  11. Ji BrP1-11 Shells Bracelet
  12. Ji BrP1-12 Resin Shells Bracelet
  13. Ji BrP1-13 Resin Shells Bracelet
  14. Ji BrP1-14 Wooden Bracelet
  15. Ji BrP1-15 Cowry Shells Bracelet

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When ordering our beaded bracelets, please remember to specify the color, if you place the order for our accessories without the color mentioned, we will send the order according the photo on our web site.