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Jewelry and accessories from Bali Indonesia. Jewellery and accessory made of beads, pearl shells and other natural materials such as stones, wood, coconut shells etc. Cheap necklaces, chokers, bracelets and body piercing jewellery. Bone and horn plugs, earrings or expander.

Send US$ 150 and Receive Samples of Various Necklaces and Other Jewelry

For more info, email to us Ph.(62 81) 353357458 Cel/WhatsApp: +628179731022 Skype: cvmaya
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For you who never before purchase costume jewelry and fashion accessories made in Bali Indonesia, it's recommended to buy our samples of necklaces and other jewelry before placing a large order.

You can't tell the quality of our costume jewellery and fashion accessory from pictures shown on our web sites. You need samples so you can see and touch our Bali jewelry and accessories.

We have many different style for jewelry, to make it simple we will send you assorted necklaces and other jewelry that we currently available in stock.
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The cost of samples is US$ 150, shipping by DHL Express included already
You will receive the samples within 5 days (some countries may takes longer)

* We can't tell how many jewelry you will receive. We will use US$ 150 you send us to pay mostly for DHL charge, the remaining money for the samples.
Costumer located in Zone G (example: Jamaica) receive less samples than costumer located in Zone D (example: USA).
This is because DHL charge less for package to USA
To find our your country zone, go to country zone page
* Track your jewelry samples package, go to our shipment tracking page

Delivery available with:

Fashion Accessories and Costume Jewelry

Need help on buying our jewelry samples? Simply email to us

Fashion Necklaces

Fashion Necklaces

Shell fashion accessories from Indonesia

Sea Shell Necklaces from Bali Indonesia. Shell fashion accessories from Indonesia. Browse our catalog of necklaces made of beads combined with cowry shells. Made to order. Wholesale only. Please browse our catalog and place your order now.

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