Dream catchers Bali

Dream catchers from Bali Indonesia

Bali dreamcatchers factory. We are producer and exporter company for dreamcatchers and other native american crafts. We have wide range of dreamcatchers in various materials, shapes, sizes and colors. After years of exporting dreamcatchers, we have a wide range of catalog. Our dreamcatchers made of suede, nylon string, beads and of course feather. Our products are truly handmade and good quality. Export quality. As seen in many souvenir shops around the world. Please contact us by email to order our dreamcatchers in bulk quantity. We will provide you with good competitive pricing.

Dreamcatchers Factory Direct Bali Indonesia

Dreamcatchers from Bali Code: JiDc2-8
Dreamcatchers wholesale from Bali Indonesia by native american indian crafts manufacturer company. Dreamcatchers in bulk quantity. Wholesale only. Dreamcatchers in various sizes and shapes made of suede, leather, nylon string and beads. Wholesale company, factory direct.

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