Carved mother of pearl shell necklaces from Bali Indonesia.

Fashion jewelry necklace with handcarved MOP shell pendant. This is costume jewellery made using tahiti or blacklip mother of pearl shell handcarved by skill costume jewelry craftsmen which really experience in producing pearl shell necklaces made in Indonesia. Here you will see many fashion accessories and jewellery from Bali with MOP shell.

Fashion Jewelry Bali. Fashion jewelry necklaces from Bali Indonesia. All fashion jewelry.

  1. Jip75-1 Carved Pearl Shell Necklace Bali
  2. Jip75-2 Beaded Necklace Carving Pearl Shell Bali
  3. Jip75-3 Mop Shell Necklace Bali
  4. Jip75-4 Carved Pearl Shell Jewelry Bali
  5. Jip75-5 Carved Pearl Shell Accessories Bali
  6. Jip75-6 Carved Pearl Shell Jewellery Bali
  7. Jip75-7 Carved Pearl Shell Accessory Bali
  8. Jip75-8 Mother Pearl Shell Necklaces Fashion Jewellery Bali
  9. Jip75-9 Mother Pearl Shell Necklaces Costume Jewellery Bali
  10. Jip75-10 Mother Pearl Shell Necklaces Fashion Jewelry Bali
  11. Jip75-11 Mother Pearl Shell Necklaces Costume Jewelry Bali
  12. Jip75-12 Mother Pearl Shell Jewelry Bali

Other Costume Jewelry and Fashion Accessories from Bali

  1. Beads Necklaces with Mother of Pearl Shell Pendant (Ji P1)
  2. More Beads Necklaces with MOP Shell Pendant (Ji P2)
  3. Paua Shell Necklaces OR Abalone Shell Necklaces (Ji P3)
  4. Mother of Pearl Shell Necklaces from Bali Indonesia (Ji P4)
  5. MOP Shell Necklaces (Ji P6)

We have many necklace pendants, made of various materials including mother of pearl shells, abalone or paua shell and other materials including resin fibers, corals, ebony wood etc. You're welcome to change the pendant.

Carved Pearl Shell Pendants from Bali Indonesia Necklace Pendants Wholesale Seashells Resin

Recycled plastic shopping bags from Indonesia. Handwoven bags made in Indonesia. Handmade by artisans in remote village in Indonesia, mostly housewives and peasants. Made using plastic strapping band or packaging straps. The strapping band made from recycled plastic bottles. Shopping baskets made of recycled plastic packing straps. Handweave in Indonesia. Made by craftsmen and craftswomen with years of experience in basketry. Browse our catalog of shopping bags and baskets. Browse our catalog of Fashion Necklaces, Bracelets and Bangles, Sea Shell and Feathers Wall Decor, Beaded Bags from Bali, Wooden Jewelry Displays and Handwoven Hats from Indonesia.

Our company CV MAYA is registered manufacturer located in Denpasar Bali Indonesia. We produce various fashion accessories and costume jewellery made of beads, sea shells, bone, horn wood and stone combined with other natural materials including feathers. Please browse our latest catalog of tribal fashion accessories cowrie sea shells and feathers made into purse, handbags, necklaces and bracelets. We also have Papua necklaces, juju hats and other hanging decorations including dream catchers. Please visit our Instagram Bali Accessory and Facebook Bali Accessory. Place your order on our Online shopping site please contact us by Gmail or chat with us on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. Go to our Linktree Page.

Our business is open on appointment only. Please remember to call first. Please contact us in advance.

Straw tote bags from Bali Indonesia. Also known as French Baskets, Straw Baskets or Moroccan Straw Bags. Handwoven from straw fiber by skill craftsmen of Bali and Java. Natural straw baskets made in Indonesia. Absolutely beautiful, girls will love it. Wonderful craftsmanship suitable as tote bags, wedding gifts or as beach straw bags. We are able to personalized it with embroidered name. Perfect as bridesmaids gifts or souvenirs. Palm leaf bags from Indonesia. Suitable to use on summer or on the beach. Also possible to use it as home storage. Eco-friendly tote bags, wholesale price for bulk quantity. Factory direct in Indonesia.

Straw tote bags from Bali Indonesia Eco-friendly tote bags from Bali Indonesia Straw Baskets Straw Tote Bags

Eco-Friendly Hotel Slippers from Indonesia. Handwoven Natural straw jute sea grass sandals slippers from Bali Indonesia. Cheap Natural Hotel Slippers Sandals from Indonesia. Eco-friendly hotel footwear made of handwoven organic leaves from palm tree, straw, jute, sea grass and other natural materials. All handmade in Indonesia by traditional artisans with years of experience in working with natural fibre for export market. Biodegradable slippers made using pandanus leaf, seagrass and coconut leaf. Cheap price factory direct wholesale only.

Eco-Friendly Natural Organic Straw Jute Sea Grass Hotel Sandals Slippers Footwear from Bali Java Indonesia

Handmade pandanus hats from Indonesia. Handwoven straws, palm leaves other natural materials made in Indonesia. Various woven leaf hats, handbags and hotel sandals made of hand weave palm leaf. All natural and Eco-friendly handicrafts from Bali Indonesia. Summer hats and hotel footwear made of organic fiber handmade by local artisans in Bali Indonesia. Buy direct from factory in Indonesia. Buy wholesale and enjoy factory direct price. Handmade Woven Straw Raffia and Palm Leaf Hats Sandals Bags All natural woven hats from Indonesia. Beach party hats Hawaiian style hat made from organic pandanus leaf in natural colour. Other colour also available. Summer hats made in Indonesia by traditional artisans. Eco-friendly sandals, handbags and hats handmade in Indonesia.

Pandanus Hats Natural Sandals Handbags from Indonesia

Recycled plastic shopping bags from Indonesia. Handwoven plastic tote bags made in Indonesia. Direct from the recycled plastic handbag factory in Indonesia. Handmade by skill handbags artisans with years of experience producing handmade recycled plastic women bags suitable for as shopping bags or beach bags. Large handmade bags direct from plastic bag factory. Very strong and good quality. Durable and colorful. Cheap price, direct from handwoven plastic shopping bags with years of experience exporting Indonesian crafts for oversea buyers.

Recycled plastic shopping bags from Indonesia

Water Hyacinth Bags from Indonesia. Tote bags, sling bags or shopping bags made of eco-friendly and natural fibers. Handwoven by skill artisans in Indonesia. Water hyacinth bags from Indonesia. Handmade bags made of waterhyacinth. Natural wicker grass. Handwoven bags for woman made of organic fiber waterhyacinth wicker. Large range of women handbags from Indonesia. Eco-friendly fashion products handmade in Indonesia by skill craftsmen and craftswomen with years of experience in producing water hyacinth bags and baskets for oversea buyers. Export quality and competitive pricing, direct from water hyacinth handicrafts producer in Indonesia.

Water Hyacinth Bags from Indonesia

Sea shell crafts and souvenirs made in Indonesia. Shell gifts and decor handmade by artisans and craftsmen in Bali and Java Island. Decorative balls made of seashells. Sea shell balls and spheres in Boho chic styles. We have many models for shell decoration and ornament. All made with real natural sea shells. If you are looking for nautical theme crafts, our sea shell handicrafts is perfect for you. Buy sea shell arts and crafts direct from factory in Indonesia. We have large quantity of sea shells for you. Competitive pricing guarantee. Contact us now. Send email to our Gmail address, chat with us on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram and download also our Sea Shell Crafts Catalog, go to our LinkTree Page.

Sea shell crafts and souvenirs made in Indonesia