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Sarongs from Bali Indonesia
Sarongs from Bali Indonesia. Visit
Online catalog for all kind of batik sarongs made of 100% rayon fabric. Sarongs also known as pareo. Buy from sarongs factory in Bali Indonesia and enjoy quality sarongs at wholesale price. Guarantee good price as this is factory direct or manufacturer direct. Sarongs bali from the producer and exporter company. This web site also provide fashion accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, fashion belts and earrings. All made of beads, sea shells and resin fibre.

Casual dresses from Bali Indonesia
Casual dresses from Bali Indonesia. Visit
Resort wear made of various fabric and textile including rayon, cotton, viscose and many more. All dresses and clothing here are made in Indonesia with many style. We have plus size clothing, summer dress, beachwear and of course kids fashion. Browse also our online catalog for long dress, mini skirts, hawaiian shirt etc. Good quality good price!

Footwear from Bali Indonesia
Footwear from Bali Indonesia Sandals and Shoes made in Indonesia Bali. Visit
Casual footwear from Bali Indonesia. Beaded sandals and handmade shoes from Bali Indonesia. Sandals for ladies shoes from Bali Indonesia. Browse our online catalog for cheap sandals and handmade flip flops. Beach sandals and woman shoes made of synthetic leather combined with plastic seed beads.

Bali Crafts Wholesale Indonesia Handicrafts Factory
Bali Crafts Wholesale Indonesia Handicrafts Factory. Visit
Wood crafts and home decors made in Bali Indonesia and other island, Java or Lombok. Souvenirs and accessories direct from the craftsmen in Bali Indonesia. Homeware and handycrafts made of wood, stone, sea shells and other organic materials. All made in Indonesia at wholesale price.

Fashion bracelets and bangles including beaded bracelets with seashells and wooden bangles. We have also handwoven leather bracelets, recycled glass beads, resin and coconut shell bracelets. Wide range of bracelets for men and wooden bangles with silver from Bali.

Our company CV MAYA is registered manufacturer located in Denpasar Bali Indonesia. We produce various fashion accessories and costume jewellery made of beads, sea shells, bone, horn wood and stone combined with other natural materials including feathers. Please browse our latest catalog of tribal fashion accessories cowrie sea shells and feathers made into purse, handbags, necklaces and bracelets. We also have Papua necklaces, juju hats and other hanging decorations including dream catchers. Please visit our Instagram Bali Accessory and Facebook Bali Accessory. Place your order on our Online shopping site Please email us if you need help ordering our products. For fast response WhatsApp: +628179731022

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